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French Fry Kid

Meet Theresa, the All-American cheerleader with the world-class smile but with dark secrets. This is the story of a single human being’s will to heal and find their way back to love. In this raw, sometimes funny journey she discovered that sometimes the people we love, hurt us—deeply.  

The French Fry Kid is a series starting with The French Fry Kid: A Warrior in Training which is more than just a tale of struggle and triumph. It’s a true story based on 22-year-old journals a young woman wrote. The narrative chronicles the process she went through from the time of the trauma, through the denial of the event, fear of discovery, struggle to accept a new reality, backlash from loved ones, all the way through the reestablishment of a stable foundation and reentry into the world as a survivor rather than a victim.



Learning to love the oops, live with change and swim in deep water. More than a decade ago, four friends started gathering around a kitchen table to sort out life’s ups and downs. An award-winning filmmaker, a best-selling business writer, a groundbreaking journalist, and a US congressperson share their collected wisdom and practical advice—four ordinary women who have faced extraordinary challenges and kept their wits and their humor intact.


“It’s a book you’ll want to order a stack of so you can share it with your girlfriends and your daughters”

—Ariana Huffington, author of On Becoming Fearless

"I wish I had this book thirty years ago. What a welcome source of inspiration and insight."

Linda Ellerbee, journalist, award-winning television producer, best-selling author, breast cancer survivor, and mom

"Inspiration to survive the worst luck and... climb into a new life with unexpected happiness."

Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club